The Bitcoin Institute is a non-profit association of individual and corporate members devoted to independent research focused on the study of the integration of cryptocurrencies in the society and their impact on the economy.

Based on that research the Bitcoin Institute aims to provide practical recommendations to individuals and organizations around the world. These recommendations are meant to :
- promote the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies in society;
- educate and improve the general understanding of cryptocurrencies;
- prepare individuals and organizations to the opportunities and challenges of cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin Institute is a think tank with international members active in a wide range of business concerns and/or academic disciplines. The Bitcoin Institute does not support an unilateral view on cryptocurrencies and aims to aggregate the views of members and experts from various backgrounds and schools of thought. For more information regarding the institute's research please refer to the research section.

The Bitcoin Institute supports worldwide initiatives for the advancement and adoption of cryptocurrencies such as :
- Seedcoin, a seed stage Bitcoin startup virtual incubator aiming to develop cryptocurrency startups, more information here. Seedcoin has been nominated among the top 3 'Most Influential Investors' for the Blockchain Awards 2014.
- Bitcoin Singapore 2013 the first Bitcoin conference in Asia which was held on November 15 at the Fulleton Hotel Singapore, more information here

The Bitcoin Institute welcomes the engagement of stakeholders in its work. We are developing opportunities for individuals, companies and organizations to contribute to our research programs and the institute as a whole. Bitcoin Institute supports initiatives meant to develop cryptocurrency initiatives, specially entrepreneurial ventures and education-oriented projects. More information available on the initiatives page.

Membership to the Bitcoin Institute is by invitation. However, if you have an active role in the cryptocurrency community, as an entrepreneur, investor, researcher or in another capacity we encourage you to apply at membership.

Bitcoin Institute accepts bitcoin donations from members and non-members alike, to find out more about supporting Bitcoin Institute please visit our donors page. Thank you.