The Bitcoin Institute aims to support a wide range of cryptocurrency initiatives around the world.

The Bitcoin Institute has been supporting the following initiatives since their inception :

- Seedcoin, a seed-stage bitcoin startup virtual incubator aiming to incubate and fund startups developing bitcoin-related products and services such as exchanges, web & mobile payment solutions, applications, hardware and to guide them through the first key stages of their development. More information available here.

- Bitcoin Singapore 2013 : first Bitcoin conference in Asia held in November 2013 at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. The aim of this full day conference was to foster the exchange of ideas and interactions between entrepreneurs, investors, users, traders, lawyers, fund managers and cryptocurrency experts. More than 200 attendees from all over the world have participated to this conference.

- The Bitcoin Traders and Cryptocurrency Exchange Association (BTCX) : an association of cryptocurrency traders, market makers, providers of cryptocurrency trading tools and platforms, and operators of digital currency exchanges meant to foster the global bitcoin trading activity. If you are involved in setting up or managing a digital currency exchange or if you are trading cryptocurrencies join BITCX by sending a message at bitcx(at)bitcoininstitute(dot)org.

The Bitcoin Institute aims to support education and information initiatives meant to spread useful and pertinent training and information about cryptocurrencies, if you are involved in such initiatives please contact founder(at)bitcoininstitute(dot)org thank you.