Members of the Bitcoin Institute


Nikos Bentenitis
Founder and CEO of CoinSimple

Alexander Breadman
co-Founder of Bitcoin Expo, Founder of BitcoinTV

Steve Beauregard
Founder and CEO of GoCoin

Leon-Gerard Vandenberg
Founder and CXO of Fuzo

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar
President of Fundación Bitcoin Argentina
CEO of Koibanx
Co-founder of RootStock

Octave Bodel - Brazil/France
Senior Partner at Sudarskis & partners

Jean-Louis Carrara - Austin, USA
Mobile Tech Expert, former VP at Gemalto
VP at Mozido CorFire
Mentor of Block Chain Space

Sunshine Dong - Chongqing, China
Director of the PE/VC/IPO program at Chongqing University

Charles-Albert Lehalle - Paris, France
Expert and Researcher in Market Microstructure

Hakim Mamoni - London, UK
CTO of Coinsilium
CTO of Block Chain Space

Fidel Mendoza Martinez - Mexico City, Mexico
Managing Director at Group Espectrum

Jeremy Muller - Singapore
Director at Tullett Prebon

James Mwangi - Nairobi, Kenya
Telecommunication Business Expert, former Sales Director at Alcatel Lucent
Mentor of Block Chain Space

Alexis Nicosia - Singapore
Serial Entrepreneur
Co-founder at Seedcoin

Eddy Travia - Hong Kong, China
CEO at Coinsilium
Chief Startup Officer at Block Chain Space
Founder of the Bitcoin Institute

Pierre Wolff - Sausalito, USA
Managing Director at E-coSearch Inc. - Corporate Development Advisory
Mentor of Block Chain Space